Occasional / Seasonal Mithaai

Indian Seasonal Mithaai are a delicious way to celebrate the changing seasons. These are often made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, which gives them a special flavor that is only available at certain times of year. You won't be disappointed!

Occasional sweets They bring people together, symbolize happiness, and create sweet memories that linger long after the occasion ends.
Adadiya pak is a traditional recipe specially made during winter months to keep the body warm.It mainly consists of coarsely ground urad flour,ghee,sugar and special dry masalas
Modak at naranji maharaj comes in 3 different flavours, Almond, Kesar and Mava. All prepared in mava base with the richness of almond and kesar. our modaks are so soft that it just melts in your mouth.
Diwali Dry Fruit Mithaai
Diwali Dry Fruit Mithaai
A delicious assortment of sweets made with premium dry fruits, such as almonds, raisins, walnuts, and pistachios
Kutchi Adadiya
Fruit Shaped Sweets
Kaju Roll
Pista Roll
Pista Barfi
Strawberry Barfi
Pineapple Barfi
Mango Barfi
Dink Ladoo
Till Ladoo