Khakhra / Bhakhri

Khakhra, a popular Gujarati snack, is a thin and crispy flatbread made from whole wheat flour and spiced with various flavors like cumin, fenugreek, or ajwain.

Bhakhri is a crisp and savory variant of the traditional Gujarati flatbread. It's cooked on a griddle until it turns crunchy.
Often seasoned with spices like cumin, it's a perfect accompaniment to tea or enjoyed as a standalone snack.
Jeera Khakhra
Jeera Khakhra
A roasted whole wheat delight complemented with cumin seeds makes this snack truley relishing and guilt free
Methi Khakhra
Methi Khakhra
Fenugreek seasoned wheat crisps. a traditional favourite,these crisp promise all goodness of fenugreek in every crunch
Golgappa Khakhra
Golgappa Khakhra
A crispy blend of mint and a hint of hot chillies packed as a roasted whole wheat snack to delight your taste buds
Dhaniya Mirchi Bhakhri
Moong Khakhra
Lasun Khakhra
Manchurian Khakhra
Cheese Kahkhra
Jeera Bhakhri
Methi Bhakhri
Masala Bhakhri
Mari Bhakhri