Dry Fruit Mithaai

Indian dry fruit sweets are an opulent indulgence known for their rich and nutty flavors. These confections blend premium nuts like almonds, cashews, and pistachios with aromatic spices and sweeteners. Iconic examples include Kaju Katli and Badam Burfi. These delicacies offer a royal taste experience, making them a cherished part of festive celebrations and gift-giving traditions.
Khajur Roll
Khajur Roll
Made from dates and a medley of nuts, rolled into a chewy and naturally sweet treat
Kaju Katri
Kaju Katri
A diamond-shaped Indian sweet made from cashew nuts, ghee, and sugar
Kesar Katri
Kesar Katri
Luxurious cashew fudge adorned with the richness of saffron, a regal treat
Anjeer Halwa
Pista Katri
Badam Katri
Kaju Roll
Pista Roll
Badam Roll
Kaju Patra
Badam Patra
Badam Mesub
Kaju Mesub